About Us

The Diocese

The Diocese of Ilesa is one of the oldest Diocese of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). One of the leading Diocese in the Ecclessiastical Province of Ibadan, situated in the hinder land of South-Western States (Osun State to be precise). The Mother Diocese of three Dioceses in Ijesaland. The Foremost Diocese in Evangelism and Mission.

The Pioneer Diocese of annual “Jesus Celebration Crusade”. The Diocese is headed by the annointed servant of God, The Rt Rev Prof. Dapo Folorunso Asaju, President MU/W Organisations. 

Date Founded

The Diocese was created on Nov. 2,1974. 


Motto of the Diocese is: BY LOVE, SERVE ONE ANOTHER

Brief History of the Diocese

By 1973,Ilesa Archdeaconry consisted of four District Church Councils, viz:
(i) Ilesa District Church Council;
(ii)Ijesa North District Church Council
(iii)Ipetu-Ijesa District Church Council
(iv)Ijebu-Jesa District Church Council
It was considered that the creation of Ilesa Diocese was viable.
At the meeting of the Archdeaconry Board held in July, 1973, each of the four District Church Councils was directed to
meet and consider the issue.
The next meeting of the Board held on the 2nd of August, 1973 considered the reports of the District church councils which
unanimously recommended that a request should be made for the creation of Ilesa Diocese.
On 3rdAugust, 1973, a formal application was submitted to the Bishop of Ibadan by a delegation consisting of Ven. J.A.I. Falope,
Chief E.A. Adesuyi and Chief S.O. Thompson, requesting for the creation of Ilesa Diocese.
This application received the blessing of the Diocesan Board.
When the standing Committee of the Provincial Synod met at Ado-Ekiti in February 1974 an approval was given on two conditions:
i. An Official residence is built for the Bishop, and
ii. Financial provision for running the Diocese is made in a year’s budget.
In order to ensure that these conditions were fulfilled within a short time, it was considered necessary to raise fund.
The Inaugural /Endowment Fund raising was held on the 30th of March, 1974 with a huge success. A sum of N20,000:00 was
collected at the function as donations were received from Ijesas at home and other parts of Nigeria, irrespective of their
denominations. Some Moslems were even reported to have contributed to the inaugural/Endowment Fund.
The erection of the Bishop’s Court which had started in 1973 was completed to the satisfaction of all concerned especially
the Bishop of Ibadan.
In addition it was evident that the proposed Diocese would not face any financial embarrassment. Ilesa Archdeaconry had
fulfilled the two conditions spelt out by the Provincial Synod.
As soon as conditional approval was given to the creation of Ilesa Diocese by the Standing Committee of the Provincial Synod
which met in February, 1974 at Ado-Ekiti, the Ilesa Archdeaconry Board started planning for the inauguration of the Diocese it set up the:
I. Inaugural Committee
II. Publicity Committee
III.Planning Committee
IV. Enthronement Committee
V. Hospitality Committee

The Archbishop’s advisory Committee Ibadan Diocese under the Chairmanship of the Chancellor, Justice S.A. Oloko met
and passed their views on a choice of Bishop to the Ibadan Diocesan Board. The Episcopal Synod met on the 29th of June,
1974 and appointed Ven. J.A.I. Falope as the first Bishop of Ilesa Diocese.
A Diocese had been created and the Bishop had been appointed. All was set for the inauguration of the Diocese as well as
the enthronement of the Bishop. On 2nd of November, 1974 at a very colourful service, held at St. John’s Church, Iloro, Ilesa.
Then the Diocese of Ilesa came into being and was inaugurated as the first Bishop, The Rt. Rev. J.A.I. Falope was installed and
enthroned by the Most Rev. M.N.C Scott, Archbishop of West Africa.
More so, when a child is born, it is the practice in Yorubaland to give him or her name on the eighth day.
The naming of Ilesa Diocese was to come at the first session of the first Synod which was held in March, 1975 the form of the new
Bishop’s vision of what Ilesa Diocese would stand for.
It did not happen on the eighth day. 100 days after the inauguration, Bishop Falope, in his first address at the first session
of the first Synod, pronounced that Ilesa Diocese shall be known for and shall stand for Evangelism. This extract from the speech
is relevant.
“It is my wish too that the Committee on Evangelism, which is also to be constituted by this
Synod, work towards the double objective of leading nominal Christians within the Diocese to a true commitment to the Lord of
the Church who said, simply but clearly and authoritatively,
‘Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God’
In addition, the Committee should seek means of reaching whatever few there are who
are still in the darkness of heathenism and introduce them into the glorious light of the
Gospel of Christ. We cannot over-emphasize the fact that this is our Lord’s Commission
to all Christians.”
The Anglican Church in Ilesa(Diocese of Ilesa) had so developed that virtually every nook and cranny of the city is covered.
It should be noted that since its creation in 1974, Ilesa Diocese has been fortunate to have succession of Bishops such as:
1. Bishop John Falope :1974-1981,
2. Bishop G.I.O. Olajide: 1981–1988,
3.The Rt. Rev. E.A. Ademowo now the Archbishop of Lagos Province, Bishop of Lagos and the Dean of the Church of Nigeria
(Anglican Communion) from 1987 –1999.
4. The Rt. Rev. Dr. S.O. Sowale from the year 2000 to March 2022.
5. And the incumbent Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Prof. Dapo Folorunso Asaju from April 2022 to date.