Holy Ghost Retreat (Power as of Old) – Day 1

Holy Ghost Retreat (Power as of Old) – Day 1

Holy Ghost Retreat (Power as of Old) – Day 1

The 2022 Holy Ghost Retreat Ilesa Diocese Anglican Communion started on Thursday 1st September 2022 at Bishop Falope Memorial Secondary School, Iyemogun Road, Ilesa.

The Retreat started with the service of Holy Eucharist conducted by the priest of the Cathedral.
While delivering his sermon, the provost of the Cathedral, The very Rev’d D.I Fadugba who titled his sermon, “A transformed life” He charged the people to live a transformed life. He affirmed that people can only experience power of old if they live a changed life”


Talk 1: Power as of Old by Mrs. Ebun Omole

Mrs. Ebun Omole started by describing power. Power, she said, is exercised to claim authority on creatures. She affirmed that anyone that has power and fails to exercise it will surely lose it. She mentioned Elijah, Moses and many other great men o God that God bestowed power upon . Luke 4:18-19 is the manifesto of Jesus Christ. Every power that wanted to stand against the power of Christ vanished.


The gifts of the Holy Spirit are 9 but can be sub-grouped into three.

  1. The Knowing Gift:- Gift of wisdom, Knowledge and discerning spirits
  2. The Power Gift:- Gift of Faith, Healing and Miraculous power
  3. The Vocal Gift:- Gift of Speaking in Tongues, interpretation of tongues

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