Women & Girls Organisation

Organization’s Activities

The activities of the women / Boys Girls Organization:- The year 2012 witness a tremendous and successful activities :

  1. The Rededication of all the Women in our Diocese comprising the Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild and Girls guild Organisations was observed throughout the Churches in our Diocese. To be able to dedicated our lives and our ways to God in the beginning of the year.
  2. Prayer Retreat: Is always observed at the beginning of each year by the women executive to be able to ask for God’s guidance and protection on every member and the Diocese at large.

Train the trainers’ workshop

This is usually organized in the Month of February of every year at the Bishop’s Court Oke-Ooye, where the Diocesan trainers were fully involved: This is to establish our members to be able to train other people in their parishes. Prayer sessions, lectures on successful marriage and training of children with the fear of God etc, are some of the topics treated at the event.
Practical: How to prepare Egg rolls, Salad, and other confectionaries were also done by both the adult women and young ladies to prepare them for future assignments.

The charity and welfare Committee under the able leadership of Mama M.B. Sowale is well equipped to attend to the healthy issues of women. Though, there are still needs to give adequate support to the Committee. The women move from one parish to the other to teach the Community Women healthy living tips.

The Diocesan Women Conference 2012

The conference was ably hosted by St. Philip’s Anglican Church Oke-Opo, Ilesa from 9th to 11th March, 2012 with the theme “In time like this, will your anchor hold”. The D.M.U. is really a period of spiritual upliftment, resolutions, dedication, commitment and fund raising activities. However, every activity was geared towards the enrichment of member in the Diocese.
The Highlights:
(i)Ceremonial Opening Service by the Diocesan Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Dr. S.O. Sowale assisted by some clergy men.
(ii) Bible Study: Bible study on the theme ‘In time like this, will your anchor hold’ was fully discussed and deliberated upon with the concepts of the global economic melt-down and the socio-economic challenges facing Nigeria as a nation and the Church of God in particular.

Publication of Tiye-Tomo Magazine

We thank God for the editorial Board members for doing a very beautiful job. With the support of the Diocesan, the Rt. Rev. Dr. S.O. Sowale we have published the 13th Edition of the above mentioned magazine. It is an educative master piece to get the youth our in Diocese informed and keeping in view the church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion at large.

Charitable Works and Evangelism

The women of the Diocese engaged in moving round the Dioceses to care for the women and check their blood pressure. Drugs were being given freely to the needy. Many people benefited from this kind gesture from the Diocesan Women Organizations.
On the 23rd of December, 2011 the Charity Committee went to Oke-Ana Community with the President of Women Organizations, Mrs M.B Sowale and all the women executive. They carried two heavy bags of assorted clothes for babies and adult. All the clergy wives were in attendance. The people of Oke-Ana welcomed all the people from the Diocese to their Community. The king of Oke-Ana HRH Oba Folorunsho Ayeni who is also a member of the Anglican Church was at the occasion. In his comments, he said the Women should also do follow up on the new Converts in order to press further for spiritual growth.
In the same vain the committee went to St. John’s Anglican Church Otan-Ile where a large turn-out of people was recorded and people praised God for the kind gesture of the women organization in the Diocese of Ilesa.
The women in the Diocese are doing their best in the area of Evangelism. They join women all over the world to pray on every October 1st. They meet quarterly for fasting and prayer at Oke-Ana Ijesa. Their prayer mountain (Oke-Irapada) where people from all both within and out-side of Osun State meet for prayer.


They have an annual programme tagged ‘Festival of Fasting and Prayer’ on every first Wednesday in December at St. Peter’s Anglican Church Isona,Ilesa. It attracts people from every nooks and crannies of the Diocese and beyond.
Girls Guild Unit
There is also an annual Retreat for the Girls’ Guild. It is usually residential and up to 500 girls were always in attendance.
The activities featured includes:
A. Exposition on the theme: ‘All things come from you, of your own do we give you.’ 1 Chron. 29:14b.
B. Talk:
(i) Power to resist the power of the flesh
(ii) A mature Christian girl in practice
(iii) Spinsterhood a passage to real life
C. Bible Quiz

Cooking Competition:

All these are aimed at building the girls spiritually, mentally, physically, academically, socially and economically. We appreciate the efforts of their dynamic chaplains Rev. A.O. Adeniji and Canon S.O.Olaleye. Mrs. Funke Fademi and Mrs. Wumi Omonije are the Co-ordinators.

Projects / Other Financial involvement: The Diocesan women under the leadership of the President Mrs. M.B. Sowale, built an Hostel at Ido-Ijesa for students of Osun State College of Education Ido, in Ilesa. Another Hostel at Esa-Oke was built between the years 2006-2008 respectively.

The Women Organization, in addition invited Evangelist Ajoke group of company’s for training of some Women on how to mould Chalk, bake Bread, make snacks, and so on. They bought an equipment with the support of the Diocesan that cost them over N400,000. This and more they did so as to alleviate poverty among the women and provide jobs for the unemployed.

New Project

There is an on going project sited at Erin-Ijesa. We believe in Christ to complete it in due time.